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Our carefully selected slow grown Cambridge softwood deckboard can be used smooth or reeded profile uppermost. The deckboard is preservative pressure pre-treated with a built in water repellent additive. Q-Deck products come with a 15-year warranty against decay and insect attack.


Size Issues: Wood swells when it is pressure pre treated with a water-based preservative as much as 4% of the finished size after machining - and shrinks as it dries. We therefore advise letting the deck boards in particular, dry somewhat before fitting. This not only helps to achieve a more constant size but improves the workability. Although minimised by the water repellent additive used within 'Q-Deck' products, climatic changes cause the wood to continually shrink and swell in service and in turn the movement may vary from piece to piece.


Colour: Light Green to Grey.


Treatment: Use Class 3 - 'Q-Deck' products are treated to Use Class 3 (UC3) for timbers used out of ground contact, with certain ground contact components treated to Use Class 4 (UC4).

Environmental Assurance: 'Q-Deck' products are certified FSC or PEFC.


Dimensions: Are finished sizes after machining Approx 20.5mm X 93mm.


Price is per linear metre.


In order to help you design and build your 'Q-Deck' there is a set of very useful planning, installation and maintenance guides available to view online.

Cambridge 'Q-Deck' Treated Decking 21mm x 93mm

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