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Sundeala is a high quality pin board / notice board material, made from recycled waste newsprint. The benefit to the environment was not an issue in the early years - waste newspaper was simply the best material for the job. Today the value of that choice is twice as important.

No other noticeboard has ever matched Sundeala for it near perfect combination of properties:

  • Sundeala boards feature a quality soft feel surface which belies the densely compacted fibres within. These give the board its strength and durability.
  • Durability can also be a key issue. The lifelong performance of Sundeala boards is unrivalled, as they are easily restored when grubby or worn.

  • Fire safety in public areas can be satisfied by specifying the Sundeala FRB Quality, with its flame retardant properties.

Sundeala is also perfect for model railways it makes an ideal baseboard top and are recommended by Peco and other track manufacturers. The material is light, soft enough to take fine trackpins, but strong and will not crumble at the edges.


Prices are per sheet.

Sundeala Board K 2440mm x 1220mm x 12mm

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